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Danishgah Blvd. , Pardisan , Qom , Iran

About Us

A Short History
This scientific center began its activity in 1984 as Institute of Higher Education of Bāqir al-‘Olūm  in order to raise political information and awareness of seminarians in the grounds of the Muslim world, Iran and international relations. The Institution of Higher Education was upgraded to a university level in 2006 with the approval of the Ministry of Sciences, Researches and Technology after years of scientific and educational activities with the expansion of its scopes of activities in different fields of humanities and became known for Bāqir al-‘Olūm University.

University Goals

1. Development and spread of Islamic sciences and humanities: helping to promote surface culture and community knowledge, develop and spread Islamic sciences and humanities;
2. Training of skilled manpower: Participation in training skilled manpower and elites required in a scientific and cultural field among the seminarians of the seminaries;
3. Laying the preparations for public participation for the development of education and research: cooperation in a suitable laying of preparations for all people to participate in the matter of developing and promoting education and research in the country;
4. Development of a higher education by making use of the capacity of the seminaries: making use of the present features and capabilities of the country as well as the latent capacities in the seminaries in developing a higher education;
5. Production and development of religious innovation: helping to produce and develop religious innovation in different fields of Islamic sciences and humanities, and provide its educational, research and preaching opportunities and facilities.

University President

Dr. Shamsullah Mariji, a graduate of level 4 (doctorate degree) of “Contemporary Thought of the Muslims” took the responsibility of the university presidency since 1390. In addition to his high seminary education and years of presence in the advanced level (dars e khārij) of Jurisprudence and its Principles of the Great Marja’s, he has academic background of university courses in the field of Sociology. Authoring over 12 titles of books and 45 articles, instructing and advisory of 60 master’s theses and doctoral dissertations are amongst his scientific activities.

International Majors 
International majors offered in English: PDF
International majors offered in Arabic: PDF